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The protection of our customer’s sensitive information and any related personally identifiable information is very important to us and is taken seriously.

As per the Protection of the Privacy of Personal Data Law (13 of 2016) personal data processing is defined by “Conducting a process or a group of processes on the Personal Data, including, but not limited to: collection, receipt, recording, organization, storing, configuration, changing, retrieval, use, disclosure, publication, transmission, preclusion, disposal, erasing and/or cancellation”.

The below policies describe the collection, storage, usage, processing, transferring and disclosure of your personally identifiable information. It is critical that you review the privacy policies below before you provide us with any information.

By accessing, using or entering data into Hayakm.com as well as purchasing a product/signup on Hayakm.com, you are implicitly giving consent to receiving marketing material and process your personal information according to the below privacy policies. We gather data when you call or receive a call from our customer service agents, account registration, newsletter registration and any form of buying from Hayakm.com

The below terms are subject to amendments at any time and will be effective from the date of their posting on Hayakm.com. Continuing to use the website after the amended policies have been posted constitutes as providing us consent to continue gathering and processing your personal information according to the revised posted policies.

Kindly note that all references to “us”, “our”, “website’ refers to Hayakm.com website.

What data is being collected?
During registration or checkout, we collect your full name, mobile numbers, email, billing and shipping addresses and any other type of data that helps us in multiple ways including but not limited to helping customer service agents serve you better as well as customizing products and emails sent to you.

Visiting the website triggers a collection of your activities to help us in analyzing and improving our website. Such activities are collected and monitored by built-in and third-party tools including but not limited to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The information collected could include the type of device you are using, how long have you stayed on each page as well as other browsing and shopping habits.

When you register an account or simply signup for our newsletter, we will collect certain information such as email and date of birth to help us when sending marketing emails. Such information could either be collected by us or any third-party tool we use such as MailChimp. If you had previously given your consent to receive marketing material which includes newsletters, you can also retrieve your consent by choosing the opt-out option to unsubscribe.

We do not collect credit or debit cards information including other forms of payment methods. The liability solely lies on the payment service provider. Rest assured that we use highly secured and PCI compliant payment gateways in order to protect your payment process and your payment card details always processed in an encrypted manner.

When do we disclose your data?
Your personal data could be disclosed in the case of a court order or if requested by a law enforcement official to conduct an investigation or if stated by the law of the state of Qatar.

We could also disclose your data when required to protect our legal rights or to impose our Terms and Conditions.

We do not sell, trade or rent or lease any of your personally identifiable information to any third parties.

How do we use your information?
Information collected by us on the website is used mainly for the sole purpose of processing orders and to keep you up to date on the status of your order. The phone number provided will be called before dispatching your order for confirmation purposes.

To help make the website easier to use and to shop by avoiding products you are not interested in or to avoid you having to enter the same piece of information more than once.

We also use your information to analyze and eventually facilitate the ease of quick finding of information and products you are interested in.

Your information is also used to notify you when a new product or campaign is launched that you could be interested in; you will be contacted either by email or through an SMS.

Additionally, your data could be utilized or sent to a third-party that helps us launch digital marketing campaigns on social media as well as any form of digital marketing channels such as newsletters.

Lastly, your information could be used by our customer service agent to assist you when needed or disclosed to third part shipping couriers in order to deliver your orders on time.

How do we secure your information?
The website implements a strict physical, electronic and administrative policies and procedures to keep your data secured. The stated security measures include but are not limited to the below:

  • Using an SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption to protect your payment transactions when on the website.
  • Filtering of data to identify and block malicious data or scripts from viewing, editing or deleting your data.
  • Our employees are monitored when they have access to your data and are only allowed to see the data they need to perform their daily tasks.
  • We don’t work with third-party tools or plugins without first assessing their security to make sure your data is safe.
  • Cookies are maintained up to the worldwide security standard to protect your privacy. Once you visit the website, a popup will appear asking for your consent to use cookies to collect data about your session.

Kindly keep the devices you use to access Hayakm.com as secured as possible and avoid phishing emails; Hayakm.com doesn’t send any emails asking for your personal or financial information and any email sent is considered a scam. Hayakm.com is not responsible for the theft of your login credentials happening on any of the devices you use and doesn’t claim responsibility for various cyber-attacks happening through used devices.